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The Art of Attuned Training

Join me on an exciting and rewarding journey of discovering Attunement with your horse. Realise your dreams & see your goals come to life as I guide you on this journey! Pricing starts from...


NO RISK 28-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we’re offering a “28-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure your satisfaction with our online course The Art of Attuned Training. To qualify for a refund, all we’ll ask for is your completed course work (to make sure you gave it a go) and your feedback on what didn’t work for you (so we can learn and improve).


We invite you to enrol in

The Art of Attuned Training!

A 24 Module Course
1 special MODULE topic to study intensively
10 individual lessons within every module 

Let's begin by watching this video of Florida and I creating our own Attuned Art



At Ribbleton, we understand that realizing your dreams takes time. Change is a process. That’s why the Attuned Art of Training is a 24 module course. To give you detailed, step by step & month by month guidance. But don’t worry - it won’t take years for you to see results! I will help you to see & feel the changes in both yourself and your horse from the very first month's lesson. Each module includes a month’s worth of topics. PERSONAL GUIDANCE FROM PAULETTE - Add your comments and learnings on each topic and receive feedback and coaching from Paulette on putting the work into practice.You won’t have to pay for weekly riding lessons, buy special gear, send your horse away or try and travel to a specialist clinic. This course will be all you need to create the life you want with your horse, and you will be all your horse needs to be happy and inspired to train! you learn how to take your partnership with your horse to a place where training is fun & empowering for you both!


This course is for everyone...

It doesn’t matter your horses breeding, background, or ‘discipline’
You don’t need any special gear, an arena, or hours of time to ‘train’
You don’t need to look to others to help your horse, you will feel enough to be all your horse needs!




This course is like no other! 

Unique, empowering, and designed with YOU and YOUR HORSE in mind  




Home study at your pace...

Studying online is such a great way to learn because you can take everything in when and how it suits you best. But don’t worry, you won't be sitting in front of your computer reading for hours on end! We’ve made sure the course will inspire you in a variety of ways.. 


Each monthly module includes  

Theory & unique insights for you to study & comment on

Multiple video training sessions of the Ribbleton herd working with Paulette

The chance to observe clinics

Guided mindfulness activities

Slideshow presentations

Workbooks & handouts

Action plans for you to take out to your horse

PERSONAL GUIDANCE FROM PAULETTE - Add your comments and learnings on each topic and receive feedback and coaching from Paulette on putting the work into practice.

Once your course is paid for you will have lifetime access to revisit these modules as many times as you’d like. You can build on your learning, take the course with a new horse, and repeat all of your favourite parts! 


What you will learn...


* Discover the 4 dimensions of energy and how to bring yourself and your horse into mind-body-balance
* How to train in a way that puts your horse's emotions ahead of the task so that you keep them happy & inspired!
* How to help your horse to release their mind & body so that they feel supple and relaxed
* Empower your horse through concentration exercises that teach them self-control
* How and when you can challenge your horse to bring about positive motivation
* That collection begins in the mind and when we help our horses collect their mind, the body follows! 
* How to work at liberty to truly empower your horse - mind & body    
* To find rhythm and flow in your sessions with your horse, making every session feel successful for you both
* Build your technical toolbox with inspiration for collection, flexion, stretching, lateral and in hand work
* How mindfulness & meditation can empower you to be the energy your horse needs
* How to feel enough for your horse and embrace your strengths
Learn how to do all of these things from the ground with your horse. Then, when you are fully attuned with your training, you can transfer the lessons to your riding relationship, if you ride.


Now it's time for a SNEAK PEAK of the course! Spend a few minutes exploring the content and layout so you can see how perfect The Art of Attuned Training is for your journey with your horse.




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