This course is for everyone and forms a fundamental element of Ribbleton Attunement. 


Let the Journey Begin will equip you with all the skills you need to:


  • Read horse body language

  • Interpret horse behaviour

  • Improve your listening techniques

  • Build a strong relationship with your horse

  • Teach your horse how to be brave

  • Get unique insights into how horses feel about different energy

  • Get a deeper understanding of how to inspire any horse to want to learn

  • Expand your toolbox of training ideas


This course is absolutely relevant to all horses. Let the Journey Begin will develop skills completely transferable to horses of all ages, backgrounds, and disciplines.


Our young horses will help you find the path forward unique to your horse's personality and strengths.


Sooner than you think!

But what's more important is that this training will give you the essential inspiration to help you to slow down enough to appreciate progress, build valuable new habits of observation & interaction, PLUS.....


  • You’ll learn 2-way communication - Shift the way you invite your horse to participate in learning, and develop mutual trust in your partnership

  • You’ll get a fresh perspective - Build the best foundation for Attunement with your horse, & get ideas on various activities that can help create this

  • You’ll feel joy! Which you’ll bring into your relationship with your young & adult horses. The beautiful Ribbleton babies are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as they express themselves with freedom, enthusiasm & playfulness!



Follow the three youngsters Radek, Faroh & Dior as they develop a partnership with Paulette...

Let the Journey Begin!


YOU are enough for your horse & YOU are exactly where you need to be right now.....


Megan says "This series is not just about foal handling but about your approach to all horses and will change the way you interact with horses of all ages. I love watching the videos and doing the quiz. I don’t think I will ever have a foal but I love the way you interact with them and I have changed my approach to my horses. Taking more time to read their body language and see where they like to be touched especially to my very sensitive 25 year old mare. I love the way you explain things and your approach to the horses. I feel this is money well spent."

Wanda says "I love the brilliant elegance and simplicity of how the training is put together. The videos with commentary enable me to see, understand what is actually happening, absorb so much nuance that can’t be captured with words alone or video alone. The questionnaires often add further tidbits to my understanding. The pacing of a few short videos per week gives me time to contemplate and integrate the material. Following three different foals provides insight into different responses and energies, and how to engage those. I love watching, feeling, Paulette’s attention to nurturing and developing the fullest expression of the individual foal. While each is learning the same skillset, she constantly tunes the training so the foal experiences calm, confidence, ease, in being who they are, as they learn."

Let the Journey Begin

What's included? * 2 or more real-life, unedited training videos every week * Falling in love ♥ with Radek, Faroh, Dior & their mothers * A short quiz to help you capture what you’ve learnt


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