Can you relate? Do you find yourself thinking

Why does my horse do that? 


Join us as we study the following horses

  • The PUSHY Horse


  • The SPOOKY Horse

  • The DOMINANT Horse




Would you like to understand your horse’s behaviours better? If you’re not sure what to do when your horse does things like gets assertive, worried, or lazy - our Mini-Course: Why does my horse do that? can help you figure out what’s behind those behaviours.


You will get 6 lessons which take 10-20 minutes to complete. You have unlimited access, so you can take the course at your leisure.


Each lesson will give you practical ideas to take into the paddock & the arena to inspire your horse.




I wanted to take a moment to offer you an amazing BONUS ... ONE months FREE access to our

Ongoing Learning Program

Our Ongoing Learning Program (OLP) in THE BEST PLACE for you to receive specific, individual guidance from me and share in the journey of others who are studying Attunement with Ribbleton. You will get the opportunity to share video's of you with your horse putting your course work from the Mini-Course into practice and receive 2 tips from Paulette!!. You will be invited to our private Facebook group. You will also get:

  • BONUS educational training videos that will be added to the website for YOUR EYES ONLY

  • Regular LIVE Facebook training on topics that are requested by the group (you DON'T need to join Facebook - all of these sessions are recorded and posted in the website component as well).

  • Your specific questions answered in our live Question & Answer training sessions.

  • Explore "From the trainers perspective training videos" that you can review as homework to help you analyze our Ribbleton Attunement work on a deeper level.


Shelley says "Really loved this fun mini course! Such profound but simple ideas that really work to deepen my bond with my horses and also to have them want to be with me and more important, want to do things with me. And when I listen to them and take care of their emotions, they see me as more of a leader. Listening instead of controlling actually makes times together safer and more joyous!"

Hilary says "I enjoyed this mini course very much! I loved the topics and the attention to each one and learnt a lot. I really can see how much more still I need to slow down and really listen to my horse…….will this ever sink in I wonder lol"

Mandy says "This mini course was absolutely fabulous! All we ever need to do is stop and listen, remembering that everything our horses do is their communication with us! Paulette. It contains such inspirational yet common sensical information that can change our relationships with our equine friends forever… I don’t always get their side of the conversation right but my horses are happy because they can now see and know that I am genuinely listening to hear

Fiona says "What a great course! I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s really made turn things around in my mind and think about what my horse is feeling. At the beginning of each module when I looked at the photo with the speech bubbles, I kept asking myself who was saying those words – the horse or the human and realised it could be either. So, it made me smile when I reached the last module and saw how you’d turned things around! I started the Inspiration begins with Communication course and then stopped while I did this one. I now feel very inspired and more prepared to continue with it."

Mini-Course - Why does my horse do that?

* You will get 6 lessons released over 2 weeks, each taking 15-20 minutes to complete. * Each lesson will give you practical ideas to increase your understanding & inspire your horse. (Prices in USD)


Unlimited Lifetime Access

Take our course at your own pace with our lifetime access.

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