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CONNECTION with your Horse!

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Changing your Horse Life begins NOW...



Module 1: The Truth About Horses

Module 2: What's In It For The Horse?

Module 3: Your Patterns & How Your horse Mirrors Them

Module 4: Horse Listening & Leadership

Module 5: Unblock Your Mind energy

Module 6: Unblock Your Body energy

Module 7: Taking Action

JUST $275*

(Normally $575)

Each MODULE includes:

* Interactive AWARENESS exercise

* New learning to DISCOVER and workshops to watch

* CONNECT through a guided practical exercise

* REFLECT & design your unique path forward


If you want to take advantage of this HUGE discount, you need to enrol now, but you can get started on Day 1 whenever you're ready

By enrolling in this course, I agree to and accept the following:

I enrol with an open heart & mind, committed to my horse and a path to connecting with them, and ready to learn!

I understand that you’ve taken many years to develop and perfect the knowledge & education in this course and I agree to treat the teachings with the utmost respect

I understand that the more I share, the more Ribbleton can help me, and I give you my word that I’ll complete all of the training sessions, fully participate in the program,  and give it my best

I understand that this journey is going to be intensive, but that it is equally transformational and hopeful work and I’m up for the challenge!

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Marilyn shares...

I took the Ribbleton Unblock the Path to Connection course because I was looking for a deeper connection with my horses. What distinguishes this course from other programs is the focus on you. Other programs offer knowledge and techniques but Unblock the Connection centers on how you can become more congruent as a person. What quickly became apparent to me during this course is how relying on tools and trying to be a “good leader”, even if done with kindness, does not allow you to experience a deep and honest relationship with your horse. This connection occurs when the inner and outer you matches who your horse experiences when you are with them. This course has had a life changing effect on me and my horses. The support of the Ribbleton staff is wonderful as well and key to the success of the program.

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